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How Kodak film is made

Here is an excellent series of videos that show the complex manufacture of Kodak's photographic films - still made at Kodak Park, established in the 1890s in Rochester, New York, USA.

How Kodak film is made2024-01-01T13:44:49+00:00

Ilford black & white film production

Ilford Photo are still working flat out (as they have been for the past 142 years) to produce premium photographic camera film and darkroom paper. Every wondered how they make them? Enjoy the super video by Exploredinary.

Ilford black & white film production2024-04-03T19:24:20+01:00

35mm b&w negatives from digital photos

April 2017 sees us switch to Ilford PAN F Plus processed in Ilford Perceptol developer. And of course, ILFORD film is made here in the UK and it makes sense to support our indigenous (and excellent) photographic manufacturers.

35mm b&w negatives from digital photos2024-04-03T19:25:52+01:00

Magic Lantern slides

Some sharp-eyed magic lantern ephemera collectors have noticed that the 5"x4" transparencies we produce from digital files might very well be handy to reproduce lantern slides. And indeed they would be correct.

Magic Lantern slides2024-04-03T19:28:45+01:00
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