Visio Projector

Visio is a handy photo projector with a unique power and mobility thanks to the combination of the best old and new photography technologies. By combining the quality of the analogue image, the 35mmm camera optics and the mobile power of LED sources, Visio gives you the power to transform the space through your images with an unprecedented freedom.

We have worked with the photographic artist Clément Briend for a few years now, supplying 35mm slides for his projects. He has been working on the Visio – a hand held battery powered LED slide projector that uses ordinary camera lenses. The projector is powerful enough to project images on buildings and other large or small objects and promises creative freedom with image on image photography.

VISIO photo projector project will be launched on Kickstarter on 13th June to fund the manufacturing of the system – lamp, slide holder, tripod mount, spacer rings and camera lens adaptor.

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