Cinema advertising slides

35mm slides for cinema adverts

cinema advert slidesWe produce cinema advert slides for independent cinemas and groups across the UK.

We offer a quick and easy to use service and happy to produce just one slide for special messages or multiple sets for multiplex cinemas.

Notes to designers:

  • Some chains have particular specification on how they require slides to be supplied, particularly in relation to black borders, sometimes soft edged. Please do check your customer’s spec else you may find your edge to edge advert is lost on the black overspill screen.
  • White backgrounds don’t work – they just blind the audience! Start with dark coloured background and build on that.
  • Keep text simple, short and clear. Tiny, tiny type won’t be readable on screen unless the viewer is close to the screen and has 20:20 vision. A good rule of thumb is do an A4 printout, hold it at arms length and squint. Still clearly readable? It should be OK when projected then!