A good while ago we switched our entire monochrome film and processing chemistry to Ilford products. This was for quality reasons as well as concerns for local sourcing and reliable supply lines.

We use PanF Plus in 35mm and 120 formats and Delta 100 Professional in 5″x4″ format and these are processed in Ilford Perceptol developer – giving us the ultra-low granularity and high sharpness we seek, as well as supporting a fantastic company manufacturing here in England.

This author was introduced to Pan F and Perceptol in the 1970s by his local professional photographer who ran a wedding/portrait studio and camera shop. Who also then later employed me as an assistant on Saturdays and school holidays. This was at a time when all weddings were shot in black & white but also the period when social photography moved to colour film and colour prints in wedding albums. Even then some photos were shot on b&w film to make b&w prints to go to the local newspapers for the marriage announcement columns.

Anyway, fast forward to the present day and Ilford are still working flat out (as they have been for the past 142 years) to produce premium photographic products.
Company website: https://www.ilfordphoto.com/
Company history: https://www.ilfordphoto.com/about-us/history/

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