Light Blaster custom slides

Light-BlasterLots of photographers are getting excited about the Light Blaster from the USA that enables you to project an image onto a subject or a background.

It is small, portable and it works with a hot shoe flash as a light source and a standard (D)SLR lens for focusing. The fact that it uses a standard lens means that you can control the size of the projection – 35mm to blast an entire wall; 200mm to paint a heart on a chest.

Its applications are only limited by the imagination. There are three packs of pre-made standard images you can buy from the manufacturer but the best part is that it can use regular 35mm slides. Your 35mm slides. Your 35mm slides created with your digital camera or artwork created on your computer.

We supply 35mm slides from your digital images. It’s nice and simple – you can place your order, pay for your order and upload your images all through this website.

Slides cost £2.75 each, there is no minimum order so feel free to order just one slide if you wish.
This includes VAT if you are in the UK, for those outside the UK (and we supply all over the world) the cost is £2.29 each.
Postage and packing in the UK is £4.00, more for the rest of the world.

Follow this link to place your order: Light Blaster custom slides

For technical information on how to prepare your files please have a scan through the Technical Info menu at the top of the page – loads of info there, but the basics are:

  • Supply images in RGB format and saved as JPEGs
  • Images in 3:2 format will fill the available image area
  • If images aren’t in 3:2 format the excess will be black so no edges will be seen when you project
  • The more pixels your image has, the sharper your slide will be

Images below are the copyright of Light Blaster The Image Blaster can be purchased direct from Light Blaster in the USA – they ship all over the world:

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