About us

Langley St

At the centre of the UK, Digital Slides resides in a converted 19th Century church school building in a quiet area of Derby. With a large photographic studio, dedicated copy room, up to date digital suite and photo lab, and an office bathed in the gentle light from stained glass windows – it is in so many ways an ideal location. The car parking is free and plentiful too!

Digital Slides is a trading name of Infinity Visual Communications, who specialise in web and graphic design, commercial photography and video. Infinity was originally started in 1984 – in the intervening 40 years there have been enormous changes in technology and we have never been slow to take advantage of the benefits. With a continual rolling program of re-investment we have seen quality and speed increase by leaps and bounds, yet with cost decreases. 35mm slides from Digital Slides are a classic case in point.