So you are using a Kodak Carousel slide projector that has an interval timer. Great, this allows unattended uninterrupted slide shows.

Kodak Carousel magazineHowever, if you want your show to run without pauses after your last image then you must fill the magazine with slides. If you only use 60 slides, for example, almost all models of the Kodak projector will still cycle through the 20 unfilled slots. Luckily, most models of the Carousel projector know there isn’t a slide in the gate, so the capping shutter stays closed and the screen remains dark through the gap-cycling phase. Filling all the slots with slides can be achieved with duplicate slides, or you may be happy with a timed blackout between sequences.

OK, if you want an uninterrupted display that is no problem, just fill the magazine with 80 slides then? Actually, no. You will notice that ‘0’ on the magazine? The zero position indicates that the magazine can be lifted on and off the projector. But it is also a slide slot. If you use 80 slides there will be a black pause between the last slide (80) and the start of the show (1).

You actually need 81 slides to produce a continuous uninterrupted slide show. But wait, if you put a slide in that ‘0’ magazine slot it will drop straight out! The correct method is thus: with the magazine off the projector, drop the 81st slide into the projector’s slide gate. Remember, the slide needs to be the correct orientation, the same as you insert them in the magazine (right reading, upside down). Now fit the magazine in place. When the slides are running the 81st slide now occupies the ‘0’ slot.

Don’t forget, when you are done with the slide show and you remove the magazine, slide number 81 is still in the projector! Retrieve it by pressing and holding the slide advance button – the slide will pop up.