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Urgent orders and the production workflow

If you have an urgent order you are welcome to get in touch to see if our production schedule will hit your deadline.

However, slide production is a batch process – it isn’t like running off a copy or two on a photocopier! To keep prices anything like affordable many jobs are processed together and it simply isn’t possible to produce just one or two slides for an urgent order. Our stated schedule is three day turnaround plus delivery time (although 80% of 35mm slide orders are sent well within that time, often same-day).

We run an efficient and well practised production schedule. Orders are taken and images received at any time of the day or night (we send slides all over the world) but our working hours are 9am to 5pm (UK time) Monday to Friday. We visually check orders and images, then run the images through a pre-production process which then passes the images to the film recorders that run throughout the day. Once a day the films are processed, usually around lunchtime, but on busy days three or more processes might be run. When the processed films are dry they are separated into the separate orders and mounted, packed and paperwork completed. Finally, they are despatched by first class post or taken to the courier and the cycle is complete.

Note that View-Master reels are a much more involved process and have a five working day lead time, and film formats other than 35mm slide also have longer schedules too.

What we will not do is push other customer’s work aside to accommodate urgent orders – that wouldn’t be fair at all. And we cannot run urgent orders by themselves, it would be economically unviable and turn a slick and efficient service into chaos.

So, how can we deal with your urgent order? Well, we can help you help yourself. Many, many 35mm slide jobs are actually despatched the same day they are received. We can’t guarantee that, there are so many variables involved, BUT you increase your chances by making sure we have the order and images by 10am or uploaded overnight. Any job that arrives after 11am definitely won’t be going out the same day.

You can make sure your images are prepared correctly (plenty of advice elsewhere on the website) and that you use credit/debit cards that have funds available.

Don’t delay sending off the order. Even five minutes might make the difference between catching a process or being rolled over to the next day.

Note that View-Master reels are a much more involved process and have a five working day lead time, and film formats other than 35mm slides also have longer lead times.