How to order

  • Gather your images
    It makes sense to put them in their own folder, ready for uploading. It is worth having a look at the ‘Technical info’ menu to find out the best way to prepare images for best quality slides or negatives or View-Master reels.
  • Choose your products
    Go to the ‘SHOP’ menu and choose the service you require. Adjust the quantity to the total number of the order – if you want 2 slides from each of 5 images, then set the quantity to 10. Normally slides are supplied as you provide the images, but you do have a choice of cropping the images if you wish. For View-Master reels set the quantity to the number of reels. Click ‘Add to cart’.
  • Checkout
    Double check your order is correct, select your delivery option. Those outside the UK can use the shipping calculator for your own country options.
    Click ‘proceed to checkout’.
  • Finalise order
    Now fill in your billing address (where your credit/debit card or PayPal is registered to). You can have your slides or negatives delivered to an alternative address if you wish.
    There is a order notes box where you can add any additions instructions, if any.
    A correct email address is vital as you will be kept up to date on order progress, and we may need to contact you if we have any queries.
    You can revise your delivery option if you wish.
    Select your payment option, then click on ‘Place order’.
  • Payment
    If you opted for card or PayPal payment you will be take to an external ultra-secure payment site. PayPal is our payment processing merchant, but you don’t need a PayPal account to use it, you can use debit or credit cards as well.
    Once payment is completed you will be sent back to this website and your personal order page.
  • Upload
    Now you have placed your order, paid for your order and you are now on your upload page.
    Simply drag your images onto the uploader box. This can be one by one, a batch, or several batches.
    You can also simply drag your whole folder of images onto the box, which is handy – remember we said at the start to put all your images into a folder?
    They will start uploading to our server straight away – once uploaded you will see thumbnails of each image.
  • Review
    Please double check the images you uploaded – you can remove or add to the list.
    Double check your shipping address please.
    Keep an eye on your emails as you will be kept up to date with order progress.
    Once we have checked the images you won’t be able to make any further changes, and your order is under way.
  • Wait for delivery!