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Frequently asked questions

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How long will my slides last?2017-12-07T22:52:45+00:00

Using 35mm slides is a cheap way of projecting very high quality images to very large sizes. But the slides should be considered disposable and used on a night by night, project by project basis. When used continuously they will fade and if they will be used a lot, say for a week’s evening events, duplicate slides should always be ordered, swapping out when necessary.

How can I make my slides last longer?2020-06-26T07:52:48+01:00

By ordering or normal plastic mounted slides: Plastic mounted slides
This mount is made of thicker plastic and will not distort plus the metal mask will hold the film flatter and reduce the amount of rippling caused by long periods of projection.

Or use our glass mounted slides: Glass mounted slides
This mount is much more substantial and the glass prevents the film distorting, in our tests for up to 16 hours of projection.

You can also turn off the lamp when it is possible to do so, or minimise projection times.

Will my slides melt?2017-12-07T22:29:22+00:00

Despite LEDs being a much cooler illumination than conventional bulbs, they do nonetheless heat up. The brighter the LEDs, the more heat produced. The VISIO projectors have passive cooling that draws heat away from the LED to improve longevity, but still get hot to the touch.

There is no cooling at all of the slide, so this will heat up. The slide mount used for the VISIO projector use inexpensive slide mounts for economy, and if allowed to heat up the thin plastic may distort and the film may ripple too.

Note that neither the slide mount nor the film will melt or catch fire, but there will be distortion under some circumstances, particularly if run continuously for three or four hours. When used outside on a winter’s night this all may not be a problem.

Will my slides fade?2017-12-07T22:12:10+00:00

Yes, all photographic slides fade eventually. How quickly depends of how much ultra-violet light the light source emits, the quantity of light in the beam, the temperature of the slide.

The ‘VISIO’ slides are exactly the same photographic film as all of out other products. The beam of the VISIO projector is very intense, there is no forced cooling of the slide and the light source is actually an array of five LEDs which illuminate the slide in an uneven fashion.

Our tests show that when the projector is used continuously for a full battery charge-worth (about three to four hours) the projector will get very hot and by the end there will be some visible fading of the slide. Whether this matters or not depends very much on the projection scenario. The blacks will degrade and become less solid, but may not be noticeable when projected onto a building, for example.

I’m told I need a 50mm slide, not 35mm2016-11-26T18:48:20+00:00

50mm square slide mount and 35mm filmThat’s just a confusion over terminology – it is one and the same thing.

35mm slides refers to the photographic film format (the images are exposed on a roll of film that is 35mm wide, the actual visible area being 36mm x 24mm).

50mm (actually 50mm x 50mm) refers to the overall size of the mount that contains the photographic film. In the ‘old days’ we referred to “two by two” slides, meaning 2 inches x 2 inches (50xmm x 50mm).

50mm square slide mounts fit all slide projector magazines designed for the 35mm film format. There is however a complication over the thickness of the mount – our glass slides are 3mm thick and fit all Kodak Carousel slide projectors but may not fit other brands of projector. Our glassless slides are 2mm thick and will fit all slide magazine produced over the last fifty years.

What shape should my View-Master images be?2016-11-26T18:50:53+00:00

Our Retro-View reels have images that are a very squ