6x7cm black & white negatives

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6x7cm black & white negatives


6x7cm medium format black & white negatives from your digital photos
Ordered per set of 10 negatives
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Estimated despatch date: On or before Thursday 24, August 2017
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Output at 8K resolution (8192 x 6702 pixels) these gorgeous 6x7cm medium format black & white photographic negatives are exposed on Fuji ACROS monochrome film and processed in Ilfotec DD-X developer for the finest grain quality. For those who shoot digital but love making wet process silver halide photographic prints in the darkroom.

Because of the niche nature of monochrome work negatives are output on demand, not ganged with other customer’s work. Ordered per set of 10 negatives.

Detailed instructions on creating perfect images for b&w negatives can be found here: Making B&W negatives.