Premium viewers for View-Master reels

Premium viewers for View-Master reels


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3D Reel ViewFinder™ branded viewer. Super build quality with adjustable focus and takes any View-Master™ reel from across the decades – including our own Retro-View reels!
Available in retro-red only and comes with clear drum packaging.
Viewer supplied only, reels available separately.

We won’t have any viewers in stock this year but the good news is that you can use any View-Master branded viewer made in the last 70 years. There are hundreds available on eBay and other selling platforms and maybe even charity shops. Don’t pay more than £20 as they aren’t at all rare, despite what sellers may say!

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3D stereo viewer, in retro-red only. This high quality focusing viewer is especially engineered to function smoothly and effortlessly with all View-Master reels regardless of their age or thickness.

Takes any View-Master reel from across the decades – including our own custom Retro-View reels and your own DIY reels. From the birth of View-Master in 1939 until the present, View-Master reels have varied slightly in thickness (some 3/100s of an inch), causing some reels (the thinner ones) to fail to advance. The 3D Reel ViewFinder™ effortlessly advances all View-Master reels. They will even advance the extra thick USA-made “Image 3D” plastic reels.

No batteries required, simply point towards a light source such as a window or table lamp.

The single control, dual-lens focusing knob brings images into sharp focus for almost all eyes, and are suitable for spectacle wearers. The lenses enjoy the largest “sweet spot” centre for maximum acuity among any reel viewer produced today. The lenses are excellent quality and are not the pressed plastic found in cheaper viewers (which often have air bubbles and striations that make less than perfect viewing).

The viewer body colour density combined with the black internal advance plate bring you the brightest images by cutting down on extraneous incidental light inside the viewer. It is solidly engineered with good quality moulded plastics and assembled with screws (not snapped-together) and has a great reel-advance action.

Made in China and is supplied in a clear plastic drum. The build quality compares very well to the original View-Master viewers of years gone by, and are ideal for PR events, product promotions, novelty gifts and so on.

This viewer is not manufactured by View-Master, which is a trade mark of Mattel Inc.

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