Retro-View package

Retro-View package

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A package of a custom reel with 7 of your photos plus a no-batteries-required viewer – all you need for a fun and novel gift or keepsake.

The “Retro-View” custom reel is created from your own 2D or 3D images, ready to drop into our Retro-View ‘retro-red’ viewer.

This complete package includes one reel and one viewer but you can order more than viewers and/or reels if you wish (reels come complete with a retro-looking protective sleeve).

Please take a moment to read the information tabs lower down this page before starting an order.

NOTE: We won’t have any viewers in stock this year but the good news is that you can use any View-Master branded viewer made in the last 70 years. There are hundreds available on eBay and other selling platforms and maybe even charity shops. Don’t pay more than £20 as they aren’t at all rare, despite what sellers may say!

Product Quantity

Additional reels

Each reel contains 7 of your photos and comes with protective sleeve and wallet

Additional viewers

Each viewer is individually boxed

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3D stereo reel viewer

Supplied in retro-red colour only. This premium quality viewer is engineered to function smoothly and effortlessly with our Retro-View reels and and is suitable for spectacle wearers.

The viewer is supplied in a clear drum. The build quality compares well to the original View-Master viewers of years gone by, and are ideal for PR events, product promotions, novelty gifts and so on.

Retro-View reel

You can supply 2D or 3D images for this View-Master compatible reel, although of course only 3D images view as 3D in our Retro-View viewer – ordinary 2D photos look great though.

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Flickr and iPhoto photos work fine and if you have higher resolution images, so much the better.

We will need seven images (or seven stereo pairs) to make up one reel.

Please read this page before uploading unsuitable images! Retro-view-reels

Image suitability

  • The format of viewer images is landscape only, upright images won’t work well unless severely cropped.
  • The final images on these reels are very small – just 11.5mm x 10mm – and work best with bold and colourful photos.


Our Retro-View reels have images that are a very square-ish rectangle in landscape orientation. This can’t be varied, it is part and parcel of the venerable View-Master system.

Therefore, care should be taken when choosing your images. While it is possible to use other shaped images without cropping, they don’t look great as they don’t make best use of the very small image space.

If you can find your way around Photoshop then you are welcome to pre-prepare your own images. Otherwise, we will, by default, intelligently crop your images to fit the Retro-View format. You will be sent a PDF proof of the images for your approval before we produce your reel.

If you are a Photoshop wizard then you can prepare your images to the correct size: 1240px wide x 1125px high @ 300dpi.
You might find this template handy for image preparation: Retro-View template

Here below are some examples of what sort of images work and don’t work.

Girl on carousel

A nice photo but the wrong shape and orientation

Girl on carousel

Without modification, this is how the image would appear in the viewer

Girl cropped

With our intelligent cropping the image fills the view and still makes a great image


This photo looks promising but the important central figures fill a wide space

family bad crop

Uh-oh, this doesn’t work well, important detail is lost when cropping, making this image unsuitable


Great photo but this shape is going to present problems


Without modification, this is how the image would appear in the viewer

Panorama cropped

Even with careful cropping this image has lost the drama and is therefore best avoided


This looks promising – it is a wide picture but the important content is central

Kids cropped

With our intelligent cropping this makes a great photo for a reel


This square image looks like it will work well

Redhead cropped

Yes, it crops very well and makes a great reel image – bold, colourful and important detail away from the edges

What size should my View-Master images be?

As the reel images are so small (about 11.5mm x 10mm) you can use images from pretty much any source, including your Facebook/Instagram/Flickr/Snapchat/iPhoto libraries. However, the larger and better quality your photos are, the better quality your reels will look when magnified in the viewer.

The images are landscape orientated square-ish rectangle. You should bear this in mind when selecting your images. While it is technically possible to use upright images or wide horizontal images on a reel they don’t look great, as they view much smaller.

If you are a whizz with Photoshop (or other image editing programs) you can supply your images to the correct dimensions of 1240px wide x 1125px high @ 300dpi. You might find this template handy for image preparation: Retro-View template

How many photos on a View-Master reel?

retro-viewReels have seven images. At first glance it may seem that our Retro-View (View-Master compatible) reels have many more than seven images but remember that the viewers are binocular and each eye requires its own image to create the 3D illusion. Hence the 14 image windows.

In fact View-Master reels have always had seven images, since the system was created in the 1930s. And people do ask, but it is impossible to have more than seven images on a reel. Seven images and only seven images – that’s the rule.

How to order View-Master reels

  • Gather your images
    Get your image ready before starting an online order.
    There are seven images per reel, no more, no less.
    It makes sense to put them in their own folder, ready for uploading. If you number the photos in a logical way then we will know the order they should be viewed on the reel. Just naming 1 to 7 is sufficient and if there is more than one reel in the order then A1 to A7, then B1 to B7 etc will make perfect sense. It is worth having a look at the ‘Your images’ tab to find out the best way to prepare images for best quality View-Master reels.
  • Choose your products
    Adjust the additional quantities of reels and viewers, if required.
  • Upload
    Then simply drag your images onto the uploader box. This can be one by one, a batch, or several batches.
    They will start previewing straight away – you will see thumbnails of each image. Double-check all the images are there (you can remove or add to the list) then click the ‘Upload your images’ button to transfer them to us. Click ‘Add to cart’.
  • Checkout
    Double check your order is correct, select your delivery option, if available.
    Click ‘proceed to checkout’.
  • Finalise order
    Now fill in your billing address (where your credit/debit card or PayPal is registered to). You can have your viewers and reels delivered to an alternative address if you wish.
    There is a order notes box where you can add any additions instructions, if any.
    A correct email address is vital as you will be kept up to date on order progress, you will be sent a proof by email and we may need to contact you if we have any queries.
    You can revise your delivery option if you wish.
    Select your payment option, then click on ‘Place order’.
  • Payment
    Once payment is completed you will be sent back to this website and your personal order page.
  • Review
    Double check your shipping address please.
    Keep an eye on your emails as you will be kept up to date with order progress.
    Once we have checked the images you will be sent a proof sheet by email that shows how your images will appear on the reel. This will need approval before manufacture begins.
  • Wait for delivery!
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