Retro-View viewerIt’s been a long wait but our new shipment of viewers have arrived. Resplendent in 1980s ‘retro-red’ colour and bearing our Retro-View branding, we have plenty of stock for the build up to Christmas – for individual gifts as well as marketing campaign giveaways.

Throughout our viewer famine we have continued to sell the custom reels but it is a relief to match them with viewer. Reels and viewers can be bought individually, as well as in a package of reel and viewer.

Our reels now have branded sleeves and presentation folders (which not only look cool, but protect the reels well) and the new viewers come in a plain white box.
For our commercial customer such as advertising and PR agencies, we also offer the option of custom graphics on the reel faces, reel sleeves, reel folders and viewer boxes and well as custom logos on the viewers.

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