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Slides for Slide Lights

SUCK Slide Light

If you are thinking of giving a trendy SUCK UK Slide Light as a gift (or already have been given one and are wondering what to put in it!) then we can fix you up with a set of slides.

The units take 13, 24 or 36 slides. Plastic mounted slides are fine as the slides are behind glass so will be safe from dust and finger prints.

  • For greatest impact choose images with big, bold and colourful content. Remember, these images are only 24mm x 36mm. Fine detailed distant views don’t work so well, faces and close ups do!
  • Ask us to ‘fill the frame’ when you order (or follow guidance on this page: Cropping options
  • You images are supplied in white/grey mounts – be sure to insert grey side down. This ensures the slide is the right way round and looks better too.
  • As these slides aren’t being enlarged and the image projected on a wall (as slides normally are) you can use pretty much any digital image, whatever the size – be it from a lowly mobile phone to a high end studio camera. Or indeed from your website, Facebook, Instagram, Flikr or blog pages.
  • Most people use plastic slide mounts but you can, if you wish, opt for glass mounted slides. These add a degree of protection to the film surface should small, sticky fingers explore the pretty colours or when those with larger fingers clean with a waft of a vacuum cleaner brush.
  • Photographic slides will fade in time like most dye coloured products subjected to strong light. This can be a charm all of its own (fashionable with Instagram lovers!) so you may want to update your photos as the years pass by.

Information on SUCK UK Slide Lights:

SUCK Slide Light

SUCK Slide Light