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6x7cm black & white negatives


6x7cm medium format black & white negatives from your digital photos
Ordered per set of 10 negatives

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By default your images are recorded as supplied but you do have the option of asking us to crop to fill the frame – more details can be found on the ‘Cropping images’ tab below.

Estimated despatch date: Monday 17, August 2020
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Output at 8K resolution (8192 x 6702 pixels) these gorgeous 6x7cm medium format black & white photographic negatives are exposed on Ilford Pan F Plus monochrome film and processed in Ilfotec DD-X developer for the finest grain quality. For those who shoot digital but love making wet process silver halide photographic prints in the darkroom.

Because of the niche nature of monochrome work negatives are output on demand, not ganged with other customer’s work. Ordered per set of 10 negatives.

Detailed instructions on creating perfect images for b&w negatives can be found here: Making B&W negatives.

Cropping options

35mm slides have an image dimension ratio of 3:2. Many compact digital cameras have a squarer ratio than this, or you may have deliberately cropped your image to something of your chosing. By default we don’t crop your image to fit the 35mm frame – any excess left and right (for a squarish image) or top and bottom (for a thin landscape image) is automatically filled in with black. When projected you don’t see the black bars of course – black is the absence of light – and all you see is your image the way you created it.

However, if you don’t want this then when you order your slides you have a choice of ‘Crop to fill frame’. We will then crop the image (which we will do by eye to avoid inappropriate cropping of your image) so that the full slide area is utilised. Note that images are never stretched or distorted to make them fit, just cropped.

Compact camera image
Compact camera image

uncropped slide
Resulting slide, by default, without cropping

cropped image
Result using ‘crop to fit’ option.

Cropping in Photoshop

If you would rather ‘crop to fit’ yourself, then accurate cropping in Photoshop is easy and you can greatly speed up working with a lot of files by making use of presets.

select crop tool
Select the Crop tool

select 2-3
In the drop-down dialogue box choose 2:3. By default the cropping box is portrait.

flip ratio
If your image is landscape then click the ‘reverse’ button and the box rotates

adjust crop
Now click and hold on a corner and you can drag the cropping rectangle around, locked in 2:3 proportions at all times. When you are happy hit the return/enter key and your work is done. ‘Save as’ the file to a new name so that your new cropped version doesn’t overwrite the original.

create preset
You can save this crop setting so that you can return to it at any time – just name it something useful. You will see we have a couple of presets set up for 35mm slides and View-Master reels.

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