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35mm black & white slides


35mm black & white slides from your digital images.

We believe we are the only company in the world that supplies reversal processed monochrome film from digital images. AGFA Scala was much loved but is sadly no more. However, we have revived a reversal monochrome process using silver-based film to rival the Scala images of old, giving richly toned and detailed true monochrome slides.

Priced per single slide, minimum order is for 20 slides. Because of the niche nature of monochrome work, slides are output on demand, not ganged with other customer’s work.

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Output at 4K resolution (4096 x 2732 pixels) these gorgeous 35mm monochrome slides are made on true silver-based monochrome 35mm film (diapositives or dias to our continental friends), a unique service.

It offers all the benefits of digital photography (editing, retouching, low per-shot cost, instant evaluation of results) and doesn’t require the time consuming home processing. They look no different to in-camera film slides because they are indeed, real film slides. And the cost is lower than do-it-yourself as there is no wasted film and no short-lived chemistry to use up. Quality, convenience and low cost.

While we happily produce great quality b&w slides using our regular E6 slide process, some purists and enthusiasts look for the sublime quality of a true silver image. Mourning the loss of the fabulous AGFA Scala reversal film (and it’s equally delicious predecessor AGFA Dia-Direct) we have recreated that silky smooth pure silver image, a real blast from the past. Our conventional E6 slides of course have a dye based image but these black and white slides are the real deal – monochrome silver through and through. An added bonus is that they should last pretty much for ever in archives and stand very long periods of projection without fading.

These slides are supplied uncropped and as you provide them. If you want the image to fill the slide mount then make sure the image you supply is 3:2 proportions. If you supply colour images they will be converted to default B&W settings. However, we suggest you follow our guide here for preparing images in monochrome.

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