• Custom View-Master reels Custom View-Master reels
    A "Retro-View" custom View-Master reel created from your own 2D or 3D images, ready to drop into a View-Master branded 3D viewer or our own viewers (available at additional cost). Seven images are needed per reel. Price is per reel (which comes complete with a retro-looking protective sleeve and wallet). Please take a moment to read the information tabs lower down this page before starting an order. You upload your images at the end of the ordering process, not on this page.
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    $29.70 $28.22$29.70 $26.73$29.70 $25.25
  • Plain white reel sleeve Plain white reel sleeve
    Reel sleeves for View-Master and all other standard 90mm diameter 3D reels Unprinted, plain white envelopes with a center hole for easy reading of reel titles. Sold in packs of 10. Not required if you are ordering our custom reels.
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