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Do I email my photos to you?

No, email isn't the best way. Just follow the order process - place and pay for your order first and when you are at your order confirmation page you can use the uploader on the page (which can also later be found on your order via the 'My Account' link at the very top of [...]

Do I email my photos to you?2018-10-08T19:43:16+00:00

Your website uploader doesn’t work

Sorry you are having problems. Older browsers or operating systems may not cope with dragging and dropping images, in which case you use the 'Select' link to navigate to your images. If you are struggling with this then simply use our WeTransfer service here:

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Do I upload my images before placing my order?

No, you upload your images after you have paid for your order. When the transaction is completed you are taken to your personal order page and simply drag and drop your images onto the upload box. You can change your uploads and make adjustments up until we visually check your images, when the page is [...]

Do I upload my images before placing my order?2016-11-03T22:17:59+00:00