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Euro currency added

As we do quite a lot of work that goes to countries in the Euro-zone we have updated this website so that not only can prices be seen in Euros but you can order and pay in Euros too.

Euro currency added2016-11-26T21:57:12+00:00

We support the FILM Ferrania project

It was with some delight that we heard about, and contributed to, the Kickstarter project started by ex-employees of the defunct Italian film manufacturer Ferrania. It is an ambitious project to bring back reversal

We support the FILM Ferrania project2017-09-12T11:02:02+01:00

Want to know how film is made?

An excellent Kodak documentary from 1958 can be seen on YouTube. It shows the production of monochrome roll film from beginning to end and reveals the chemical and mechanical excellence of the age.

Want to know how film is made?2016-11-03T22:17:58+00:00

6x7cm prices reduced in 2015

Re-introduced in mid-2013 as an experiment, due to a stream of requests for b&w negatives and colour transparencies larger than 35mm, we are happy to report that demand is such that they are not only a firm fixture in our portfolio of products, but the prices have been reduced from March 7th 2015. Both 6x7cm [...]

6x7cm prices reduced in 20152015-04-25T17:19:04+01:00

Kodak Carousel slide trays

Kodak Carousel magazines haven't been made for a good many years now so we have added checked and tested pre-used magazines to our product range. These 80 slide magazines hold 80 2"x2" mounted 35mm slides and will fit any Kodak Carousel projector made since 1962. Very convenient storage for your student/art project too - especially [...]

Kodak Carousel slide trays2016-11-03T22:17:58+00:00

New product – slides for SUCK slide lights

Strictly speaking when have been producing slides for many years for the excellent SUCK UK slide lights, and customers order our regular 35mm plastic mounted slide lights. However, there is now a new product that is specifically named for the slide light, to remove any doubt over the suitability. In addition, slides are cropped to [...]

New product – slides for SUCK slide lights2016-11-03T22:17:58+00:00

New uploading feature for 2015

One of the most frequent questions is "When do I upload my photos?". The answer is "When you have completed the order process". Once the order is completed you are taken to your order page where you can upload your images. Customers can check and review their uploads via their personal control panel at any [...]

New uploading feature for 20152016-11-03T22:17:58+00:00

Preparations for 2015 completed

Digital Slides now has a refreshed website as well as an up to date and more secure system behind the scenes. This was carried out at our quietest time of year (and it meant not much time for Christmas this end!) and we hope new and returning customers weren't too inconvenienced. Still, all done now [...]

Preparations for 2015 completed2016-11-26T22:00:43+00:00

Website updated

Massive changes to the website will be apparent to returning customers. Not only has it undergone a re-design but the e-commerce functionality has greatly changed which runs from order progress reporting to VAT treatment and multiple postage options across the world.

Website updated2016-11-03T22:17:58+00:00
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